Why Our Business Donates to Plant Trees

There are many reasons why we at EcoLux donate to have one tree planted each time you call, text, or use our eco-friendly app (coming soon) to book a ride.  We make a serious commitment to mitigate your ride's impact on the Earth.  Whether it is a zero-emission electric vehicle like the Tesla Model X (the best option for the planet), or a higher-emission gas-powered vehicle, we strive to calculate your ride's impact and offset it.  One way we do that is planting trees.

Pebble Magazine has identified seven reasons why planting trees is so important.  We all know that trees produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, but there are quite a few other reasons why trees are so beneficial for the environment.  Check out Pebble's list here.

EcoLux: A Better Way to Book a Ride, for You and the Earth.